unifies online advertising inventory

Michelle Clancy | 20-09-2012 has unveiled Unified Planner, a comprehensive online media planning solution that enables advertisers and agencies to reach specific targets and campaign goals.

Traditionally, planning, buying, and managing video advertising has been cumbersome and disjointed for advertising agencies and brand marketers. Each part of the process is highly manual, requiring planners and buyers to juggle multiple data sources and spreadsheets, perform significant ad-hoc data analysis and make subjective decisions based on inconsistent or often missing data. Media planners have faced challenges in identifying the most effective potential sites for specific demographic targets and campaign goals, in projecting results of the overall plan and each potential inventory source, and in seeing the tradeoffs of different decisions.
"In today's highly fragmented media environment, using's integrated system allows advertisers to plan and buy online video much more effectively," said Toby Gabriner, President of "In minutes, an optimal digital video media plan can be created, leveraging the best data sources available, such as Nielsen. Planners can then easily buy the recommended inventory, automatically optimise the campaign once it launches, and measure its effectiveness using both TV- and online-based metrics."
Typically, different siloed software and data are used for each core part of managing video, with one set of tools for planning, a separate set for buying, and yet another for optimisation and measurement. The result is sub-optimal campaign performance, inefficiency, long lead times and the risk of errors. In contrast, by providing comprehensive planning capabilities as part of an integrated platform for managing video,'s Unified Planner delivers a unified way to maximise campaign performance, the company said.
Unified Planner is seamlessly integrated into the Platform, which provides a holistic and automated system to plan, buy, optimise and measure video advertising.
The system allows planners to create complete digital video plan to meet goals, including: specific recommended sites that can most effectively deliver the target audience; a forecast of reach and frequency for each site; and the expected performance of the overall campaign including unduplicated reach and frequency, total costs and cost-per-point. The plan looks agnostically at all potential inventory sources, including premium sources only available through direct buys, as well as efficiency sources that are available through online marketplaces.