Brightroll, Innovid partner for mobile, online interactive advertising

Michelle Clancy | 20-09-2012

Brightroll plans to deliver interactive pre-roll advertising to brands in the U.S, Canada and Europe, across PCs, smartphones and tablet devices. Brightroll will use the Innovid platform for delivering immersive video ads.

"In an ever-changing, multiscreen media landscape, marketers must deliver their messages where the audience is, and working with Innovid enables BrightRoll to support brands with a creative solution that can be built once, but applied to all devices," said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder of BrightRoll. "This integration marks an important milestone in our partnership with Innovid as we continue to push the boundaries of digital video experiences and streamline the creative process."
Innovid's interactive mobile video formats can be built in-browser from the iRoll Studio, providing an authoring path to build HTML5 and Flash versions of an interactive video creative via a single workflow. This significantly reduces the time and complexity for advertisers looking to deliver cross-channel campaigns, essentially letting the technology do the work.
"Innovid believes that technology should break the silos of the multiscreen 'problem' and be able to replicate consumers' viewing habits," said Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid, in a statement. "Brands can now build a single video unit, combine their creative and approval process, and deliver a seamless brand experience across devices. We're excited to partner with a global leader like BrightRoll that provides brands with the scale needed to connect with consumers everywhere."