Delta to launch in-flight TV streaming for laptops, tablets

Michelle Clancy | 20-09-2012

Delta Air Lines is adding in-flight streaming television and movies on-demand on laptops or tablets via its Wi-Fi portals on its fleet of more than 950 two-class Delta and Delta Connection aircraft.

Streamed VOD content will be accessible for 24 hours after a flight and available for playback on the ground through the same device used onboard.
All 800 of Delta's two-class domestic aircraft will be equipped with this new on-demand technology by the end of 2013. International Wi-Fi and streaming for its more than 150 widebody aircraft is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.
"Delta continues to innovate through the use of technology and this newest addition means customers can count on having numerous in-flight entertainment choices available, whether they're flying internationally or domestically," said Tim Mapes, Delta's senior vice president of marketing. "Bringing this technology to our Wi-Fi enabled fleet is just the latest way we are making flying better for Delta customers."
Customers won't be required to buy in-flight Wi-Fi to use the service. Introductory prices will range from 99 cents per show for television programming to $3.99 for full-length movies. The Delta Connect portal will enable customers to sort titles by genre, length of feature, movie, show and other categories. Trailers are available for complimentary viewing prior to rental.
Delta also has begun to upgrade to Wi-Fi provider GoGo's ATG-4 connectivity solution on its entire domestic fleet of Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft, enhancing the existing air-to-ground network and improving capacity.