NHK used Thomson VS7000 for VOD during 2012 Olympics

Louise Duffy | 23-09-2012

Japanese national broadcaster NHK used Thomson Video Networks' ViBE VS7000 multi-screen video platform for its online coverage of the 2012 London Games.

With a robust feature set for live and file-based IP video, the ViBE VS7000 played an integral role in NHK's ability to offer on-demand event footage on its website.

NHK used the ViBE VS7000 to receive 40 incoming live video streams from London over IP, and transcode and packetise them into HLS format. The produced HLS components were saved onto a dedicated server using WebDAV, which enabled NHK editors to refine and publish the content as video on demand (VOD) on the NHK website.

More than 35,000 VOD clips were produced with this system, and statistics on the use of the service showed that content was accessed by more than four million viewers.