Chile shows strength in pay-TV

Iñaki Ferreras | 24-09-2012

A 64% increase in penetration has led to Chile being the third largest LatAm country in terms of pay-TV penetration.

According to a study commissioned by LAMAC Ibope, in all, 4,158,874 people now have pay-TV in the country which now lies only behind Argentina and Colombia which both have 81% penetration.

Among the keys to growth of pay-TV in Chile, said the research, was a customer-centric approach by the operators.

"Changes in consumer preferences should lead to think to advertisers and agencies on the most efficient way to make their investments in TV advertising. The key to effective TV ad spending will be delineated by a simple premise: the level investment must be consistent with the target audience share to which you want to go. This will guarantee to advertisers balanced and effective distribution of their advertising budget on television, "said Sebastian Barriga, Country Manager of LAMAC in Chile.