Colombian community TV hits challenges

Iñaki Ferreras | 25-09-2012

As Colombia’s ComuTV Expo 2012 shut its doors, there was confirmation that the country’s community TV offerings are in the midst of an intense search of the conditions that allow growth and consolidation.

Service providers were found to be struggling with the state to develop a new regulatory framework to release some of the pressure exerted on the sector, either through additional tax, or limits to the amount of subscribers or encoded signals that each service can offer.

There was also strong demanding from utility companies, whether from technology or content, to provide solutions to improve both channels as well as community systems.

The forum was opened by Alfredo Sabbath, National Television Authority (ANTV) commissioner, who noted that community TV was a very important sector in Colombian society, which has its own niche, so to the extent that grow within this niche, like sought ANTV, will help improve the Colombian television.”