Bundesliga offers live-streams for Italy

Jörn Krieger | 26-09-2012

Germany's football association Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) will provide the key games of domestic first-division football league Bundesliga as free-of-charge live-streams to football fans in Italy.

Its distribution subsidiary DFL Sports Enterprises has sold the respective rights to Perform group, a company offering sports content for multimedia platforms.

Financial details have not been disclosed. Perform group based in Feltham near London wants to make the live games available on major online TV news and sports portals in Italy.

Each weekend, one match will be shown live and without charge, beginning with the game between SV Werder Bremen and FC Bayern Munich on 29 September 2012 at 15.30 CET. The service will also comprise highlight clips of all other Bundesliga matches.

Perform group will provide a live-streaming solution with an internet-based ePlayer. The ePlayer will be placed both on Perform's own website www.goal.com and on further news and sports portals the company is currently in discussion with.

The agreement has been concluded as a pilot project covering the current 2012/13 season. DFL Sports Enterprises says that it retains the possibility to allocate the rights for live game coverage on other distribution platforms such as cable and satellite to further interested parties.

Pay-TV broadcaster Sky Italia used to show the Bundesliga live games in Italy. However, DFL and Sky Italia haven't so far been able to agree on a new contract - apparently the financial expectations are too far apart. Through the web-TV solution, DFL will still give Italian football fans a possibility to watch Bundesliga games live.