Vizrt has signed a deal worth $845,000 for the implementation of broadcast graphics products with a news channel in Pakistan.

The deal includes Viz Virtual Studio, which will serve as the studio platform for enhanced storytelling in a virtual environment. Content in the control room will be controlled in real-time with Viz Trio, Vizrt's real-time 3D character generator.

Viz Ticker 3D will be running during broadcasts to display constant news, weather and sports updates. All content will be rendered through an SDI signal using the Viz Engine, Vizrt's real-time 3D compositing engine.

Inclusion in the deal of several Viz Artist workstations increases the internal design capacity of the news channel, which the long-term customer of Vizrt is launching using the best graphics technology available to the industry today. Viz Artist is a 3D animation tool that allows designers to create graphic content for all of Vizrt's broadcast graphics products. Viz World, a 3D animated map generator, which has become a nearly mandatory element for news channels, completes the package.

Martin Burkhalter, Vizrt CEO, stated: "This deal is a typical example of one of the market dynamics that continues to drive our business: existing networks launching new channels. The launch of a new channel requires first class graphics capabilities, so important for brand differentiation in order to attract and bind audiences, as well as the capability to benefit from economies of scale and integration with existing enterprise wide systems, both areas in which Vizrt is the undisputed industry leader."