I want my MTV say Euro channels

Editor | 26-09-2012

Pioneering music channel MTV which celebrated its 30th birthday last year, is Europe’s leading distributed channel.

Yet according to a new report from Digital TV Research, this lead is a fine one with Viacom’s music offering carried by 123 operators, just ahead of Disney Channel with 122; Discovery Channel, 121; National Geographic Channel, 120; and Eurosport with 115 operators.

In this report, 13 groups contributed 228 channels – or 96% of the total. Distribution of the channels ranges from pan-European to a single territory. The report also revealed that a channel can be on the basic tier in one country and on a higher tier in another country. Furthermore, several channels are tailored for individual countries or regions to fill specific gaps.

Commenting on the report, author Simon Murray said: “No channel appears on every single platform. MTV is the leader as it is distributed by 123 operators – or 81% of the total. However, only 24 channels are distributed by more than half of the 152 operators covered.”

Yet when one considers the HD world, it is National Geo that is market leader it’s high definition services taken by 100 operators. Hunting the Fox channel is Eurosport HD (91), Disney XD (75), Nat Geo Wild HD (67) and Discovery HD Showcase (66)

In terms of providers’ offerings, the UK’s BSkyB leads in HDTV provision with more than 60 HD channels. National Geographic provides the most distributed HD channel. In fact, the top distributed HD channels are all versions of well-known brands.