TCC Uruguay heads for multiplatform distribution

Iñaki Ferreras | 26-09-2012

Uruguay’s pay-TV operator TCC is fighting to offer a complete multiplatform distribution service, which is currently the only one to offer triple play services in Montevideo.

Javier Ruete, the company’s CEO, said that “this difference is highly valued by our customers, over 25% of our portfolio choose this package. Our subscriber base has maintained steady growth for the past nine years. We focus on expanding the product offering, creating value for our customers.”

Ruete admitted that the local market was 'very demanding', since in the same city there are six competing companies. “Differentiation in this context implies important investments that took us out to other markets scales generating local market does not allow us access, " he added.

The company has placed special emphasis on the development of technological solutions generated in TCC: “We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to improving the quality of our products and produce solutions to problems of the industry. In the coming days will be available TCC Tips, a system by which our customers can receive suggestions of programs and events based on their tastes and preferences.”

In 2013, TCC will “'deepen” its OTT platform, attempting to foster connectivity on the idea of ​​offering VOD content across multiple platforms. “The platform will adapt to various systems (iOS, Android, etc..) And STBs with middleware capable of reading linear and non-linear content. We will provide tools for customers moulded and access the content they want according to their preferences, " Ruete concluded.