Univision taps Harris media broadcast solution

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 27-09-2012

Hispanic U.S. network Univision has renewed and expanded its suite of Harris media software solutions for up to five years, and will further streamline business workflows with the Harris Live-Update solution.

Live-Update will allow Univision-owned TV station groups in 21 markets to automatically translate real-time changes to traffic and advertising schedules "almost directly up to airtime." Harris said. The integration eliminates manual processes, improving operational efficiency for traffic, sales and master control.

The Live-Update solution will seamlessly integrate OSi traffic and billing software with existing Harris ADC automated content management and distribution systems, using BXF data exchange. The tight integration also ensures that staff can make intelligent decisions on ad placements and scheduling changes from the business office, with the confidence that Live-Update will efficiently translate all changes to automation in time for broadcast and reconcile those content updates between traffic logs and automation playlists once broadcast.

Harris NetGain business intelligence and analysis software strengthens insight into business trends and opportunities for the network. The initial deployment will allow corporate staff to build custom dashboards with OSi data, and automatically deliver visual reports and analytics to sales managers.

"The ability to tighten workflow processes and increase visibility into business trends gives Univision two key operational benefits that go well beyond what a basic traffic and billing system can offer," said Harris Morris, president at Harris Broadcast Communications. "These unique tools also deliver operational efficiencies that competitive solutions cannot provide, giving Univision more insight into new revenue opportunities while accelerating speed and productivity across the workflow."