New solution for TV via satellite and IP

Jörn Krieger | 27-09-2012

Internetagentur Schott, a German provider of data services via satellite, and broadcast technology company Teracue have developed a new solution combining satellite distribution and IP streaming.

At the transmitter's location the TV and video signals are transformed through a Teracue encoder into IP data streams and sent to the ground infrastructure through the Satspeed NewsSpotter terminal via Eutelsat's KA-SAT satellite at 9° East where they are distributed to their target destination on a fibre-optic network as H.264 video streams. There, Teracue decoders reconvert the IP data into TV and video signals ready to be broadcast.

The advantage: In contrast to classic satellite distribution solutions, the recipient doesn't need satellite reception technology, but instead obtains the signal via IP streaming directly through its existing broadband internet connection.

The system which is based on Schott's streaming on-demand service Satspeed NewsSpotter and encoders and decoders from Teracue is capable of handling transmissions in standard and high definition (HDTV). The possible bandwidth lies between 0.5 and 10 Mbps. The Satspeed NewsSpotter can be installed in short time because of its automatically aligning satellite dish and can be used on the go in its trolley and on trucks for SNG employment.

The target group are, for example, TV broadcasters using the system for live on-the-spot reports from journalists during news programmes or for feeding recorded video footage to their broadcast centres. Further possible deployment areas include TV signal contribution to play-out centres or content delivery networks as well as usage as a back-up solution.