BBC licences Brazil travelogue, announces Nigella, Wild Arabia programmes for MIPCOM

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 28-09-2012

BBC Worldwide has licenced the travel documentary Brazil with Michael Palin to a raft of broadcasters worldwide, and announced several shows for MIPCOM sales.

The show, which details Brazil's various wonders from Rio to the rainforest, will be coming to living room sets worldwide via ABC (Australia), RTL Pay (Germany), VRT (Belgium), Czech TV, Media Entertainment's pan-Eastern European feed, the VPRO (Holland), Yle (Finland), RV (Iceland), NRK (Norway) and RTV (Slovenia).

"Michael is a distinguished broadcaster with fans all over the world, so we expect these sales to be the first of many," said Mark Reynolds, BBC Worldwide's director of factual.

BBC Worldwide also announced Nigella Lawson's take on Italian cooking, Nigellissima. The show was inspired by a period spent living in Florence.

Other BBC Worldwide titles new for MIPCOM cover science, natural history, lifestyle and factual entertainment. The latest title from the BBC's Natural History Unit is Wild Arabia, examining that region's astonishing landscapes and colourful creatures, and the people who have made the Arabian peninsula their home.

New documentary Space Dive follows elite base-jumper Felix Baumgartner as he attempts freefalling from 125,000 feet the biggest leap ever taken. In Wonders Of Life, Professor Brian Cox explains how a few fundamental laws gave birth to all life in the universe, and another landmark science series, Generation Earth, uses state-of-the-art visuals to showcase the extraordinary engineering feats that have transformed the Earth.

Buyers can also check out Chef Race, from Jamie Oliver's Fresh One Productions, in which 16 chefs (eight Brits and eight Americans) journey across the U.S., tackling culinary challenges along the way.