Belo Corp. rolls out private advertising marketplace

Michelle Clancy | 28-09-2012

Media company Belo Corp. has launched the Belo Private Ad Marketplace, a new digital platform that connects advertisers with Belo's digital advertising inventory across its websites.

Belo owns and operates 20 television stations across the United States (nine in the top 25 markets), and their associated websites. The marketplace was designed to give advertisers direct access to the company's more than 17 million online consumers each month. The new programme will satisfy advertisers' needs to execute programmatic media placements through digital technology platforms, while offering more targeted brand display advertising.

"Belo's Private Ad Marketplace was created to partner with select advertisers to leverage the high demand for its local sites," said Joe Weir, Belo's vice president of digital. "It also gives advertisers the opportunity to more efficiently partner directly with Belo, an award-winning producer of quality digital news and information."

Belo's Private Ad Marketplace is powered by technology from PubMatic, a provider of real-time bidding technology.

"As a premium content producer, Belo Corp. is making smart decisions about the sale of its inventory," said Kirk McDonald, president of PubMatic. "They will be using our Private Marketplace product to engage in direct and open buys of their inventory with specific advertisers, as well as layer audience attributes to get the greatest value for each and every impression sold. Marketplaces like these help to solidify long-term relationships between content producers and clients while meeting the need to sell and buy inventory in real time."