More TV5Monde in Mongolia and Cambodia

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 28-09-2012

French-language network TV5Monde has renewed its carriage agreement with Mongolian operator Sansar Cable LLC, on which it has been transmitted since 1996.

At present Sansar carries more than 90 digital cable TV channels and offers a basic package and a premium package to more than 62,000 subscribers in the greater Ulaanbaatar area.
TV5Monde Asie is also widely available on Mongolian pay-tv platforms, including offerings such as Khiimore Cable, Unitel, SkyC&C and SBN, for an estimated total of 200,000 subscribing homes and a 69% penetration of the Mongolian pay-tv market.
In Cambodia the channel will be available at launch in all of pay-tv newcomer OneTV’s packages to an estimated 70% of Cambodia’s population, or 8.3 million individuals.

OneTV is the property of Royal Media Entertainment Corporation Limited (RMEC), a joint-venture between Cambodian holding Royal Group of Companies and Russian company General Satellite. From October 2012, OneTV will launch a pay DVB-T service offering international channels costing 60 Khmer and covering Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and six more provinces around the country.

TV5Monde Asie has also been available on analogue terrestrial in the greater Phnom Penh area since 1996, serving an estimated 2 million individuals, and is available on cable platforms throughout the country.