Multiscreen video a reality and connected changing TV landscape

Joseph O'Halloran | 28-09-2012

Simultaneous use of Internet and TV is now an everyday reality multiscreen video and brand advertising platform provider smartclip has concluded in its first ever research on connected TV.

The research found that more than half of respondents (56%) own devices that allow them to use the internet via the TV screen and 70% of owners of an internet capable TV use the online functions. Just over half (55.1%) of respondents were planning to purchase connected TV devices.

Nearly two-thirds of viewers use the internet frequently if not more often while they watch television. Just more than a quarter (26%) report being always online whilst watching TV. Internet-based use of multiscreen viewing was most important according to the respondents of the study, exceeding TV viewing in terms of the length of time used.

Yet in what must be a relief to marketers, the research also showed that connected TV users are not technology nerds but are a mainstream target demographic, with above-average education. They are family oriented with a high proportion of males in the 20–39-year-old age group.This says smartclip, is exactly the target that is often so difficult to reach via linear TV.

"The target groups that are highly sought after by advertisers are the ones making use of all digital end-devices. They use the new opportunities that connectedTV presents across tablet, PC and smartphone screens intuitively and individually, whilst combining them so that each screen's strength plays to the other, “ commented Shirlene Chandrapal, Vice President Connected TV and Mobile at smartclip.

“The move towards buying an internet-capable television sets the trend towards second screen usage amongst users who are accessing the internet via smartphone, tablet, PC or notebook whilst also watching TV, competing for the attention of consumers, and drawing them away from linear TV. Once you have got to grips with the extent of the opportunity that connected TV presents, the possibilities are endless."