Hello. I bought this (combo) receiver two weeks ago. Can anyone help me in telling the latest firmware for this (and where to get it), point me to where I can find information about other software and so on for this receiver.

I understand that Kaon makes the "base" for lot's of receivers but I don't know which receivers is the same as this KTSC-N550H2 PVR.

And yes, EMU's and other stuff interests me a lot too, for now I only receive terrestial channels as I have'nt yet had the time to install my dish in this new place I'm living in. The positions I was planning to get by satellite are 28,8W, 19W and 13W.

I'we had a Sammy 9500 VIA CI for years but after a bad thunderstorm it went broke.

Any help from you guys would be appreciated.