Boxee expands Cloudee video storage and share solution

Michelle Clancy | 01-10-2012

Set-top box-based online streaming provider Boxee has opened up its Cloudee video storage and sharing offering to the public after a summer spent trialing the service by invite only. For its public beta release, Cloudee is adding some extras, like expanding beyond being an iPhone app with suppport for Web browsers.

Cloudee is a service that lets people upload and store personal videos in (of course) the cloud. Users can upload videos that they've taken, then share them by e-mail, text or Facebook and Twitter. Better yet, users can customise the content streams for specific sets of users: friends, family members and so on.

Cloudee worked with Apple iPhone exclusively before, but it's now compatible with desktops thanks to the Desktop Uploader. Also, a new Web interface for managing videos from any browser offers users the ability to organise videos into folders, and set up user groups for specific videos or feeds. Also, all videos are now private until explicitly shared.

Also, Cloudee is now optimised for iOS6 and iPhone 5, Boxee said, to take advantage of the new upgraded screen and enhanced privacy controls for contacts and videos.
It remains to be seen whether Cloudee can gain fans considering that Apple has a native app for doing pretty much the same thing: In iOS 6, users can customise video streams for friends and family through iCloud, and can share them out to Facebook.

The app is free, but Boxee will soon introduce premium accounts, it said. So, beta users may be asked to upgrade to Cloudee Premium for additional upload space.