Connected Home Academy joins Open IPTV Forum

Michelle Clancy | 01-10-2012

The Connected Home Academy has joined the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF), to join the thought leadership that the group is working on to shape the future of global, mass-market Internet-connected TV.

The group champions an evolutionary path towards a harmonised goal of open, interoperable solutions, which should bolster uptake, make it cheaper to build into consumer electronics and encourage developers to write cross-platform apps so that users on different technologies can interact--a potential boon for advertising growth.

"We aim to work with the OIPF membership to enable a certified education program for the IPTV / OTT industry, delivering knowledge of OIPF specifications and related technology in both practical and theoretical contexts via the Connected Home Academy," said Sam Hurrell, IPTV learning programme director at the Academy.

"Organisations cannot fully implement or relate to industry standards until they understand them," he added. "The specifications work of the OIPF to date is an ideal base for us to build the right multi-level learning toolkit to allow companies to understand customer requirements, boost customer engagement, and work with technology partners across the industry in the most effective way."