Hello guys,

i don't know if i may ask for your help but i'm looking for advise before i go spending money on items that may never work.

This is my situation:

I have a IPTV receiver that's capable of broadcasting multiple channels to an IPTV system connected to 200 TV's.
The system was tested with Free-To-Air Channel and worked fine.
It was tested also with JSC official card and a regular cam and was able to broadcast one only of JSC channels. According to receiver manufacturers i need to use a professional CAM that's able to open more than one channel at a time.

What i'm looking for is to get it to podcast multi channels from hotbird. i need English movies channels on Sky Italia or Cyfra + Prestizowy ( Poland ).

now my first question can i use Diablo Cam with Sky or Cyfra+ Original Cards? what Diablo Card should i buy ? and how to set it up?

As i was searching also about Diablo, i read about Diablo wifi, Underground and CCCAM.

if i bought diablo wifi and managed to get CCcam running on it.. will i be able to get more than one channel at a time ?

if i will use CCCam due to restriction from my ISP only CCcam 2.0.11 will work. does underground support that?

thanking you all in advance.