Accenture acquires Nokia Siemens Networks IPTV software, skills

Joseph O'Halloran | 01-10-2012

In a deal that will add key IPTV skills and experience to its existing over-the-top video capabilities, Accenture has acquired the software and skills of Nokia Siemens Networks Internet Protocol television (IPTV) business.

Even though the terms of the transaction have not been disclosed, the upshot of the acquisition will effectively enable Accenture to provide end-to-end technology integration services to any vendor for any video platform.

The acquired IPTV software, assets and capabilities will be integrated with the Accenture Video Solution design to enable viewers to access linear video content, such as traditional, real-time video, through the broadcast network, as well as non-linear services, such as catch-up TV and video on demand (VOD) through a broadband network.

allowing, says the company, providers to offer end users with a video experience with virtually any video content, in any format, across every network, on any device – from smart phones and tablets to personal computers and television sets.

Users will also have the ability to control their viewing experience, such as accessing content through a tablet, pausing whatever they may be watching and continuing to view that content at a later time.

“The combination of Nokia Siemens Networks’ IPTV assets with Accenture’s over-the-top (OTT) TV software and capabilities, will deliver an exciting new combination of services to the global video industry,” said Marco Vernocchi, managing director of Accenture’s Media & Entertainment industry group explaining the rationale behind the acquisition.

“Consumers want to control the content they view, but they also want to manage where and when they view that content. They also want to be able to choose the device on which the content is delivered. Consumers also want the flexibility to watch a video while posting comments on social media sites or chatting with their friends about the content they are viewing. Access to content in a personalised way is here to stay, and we can expect to see even more features that allow users to make viewing a personal, mobile, dynamic video experience.”