Canadian online video viewing soars

Michelle Clancy | 01-10-2012

Canada is a big adopter of online video, with more than 91% of the country's online population (25 million people) saying that they regularly tap the medium. Even more interestingly, 68% believe that digital video is equal to or better than TV in terms of effectiveness.

That's according to a new video advertising report from Brightroll and the Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada.

Total online video viewership is up 58% year over year, and video advertising in Canada saw an estimated 43% increase in 2012, reaching $74 million industry alone.

Montreal-based SourceKnowledge, which calls itself Canada's largest private video network, said that it had a 169% increase in viewing of video streams in July and August. It went from 26 million streams in July to more than 70 million streams in August.

This user uptake is having ramifications in advertising as well. Completion rate across all publishers for video ad units was an average of 72% in July and August, SourceKnowledge said. The company is also pioneering new types of ads, including the "pushdown" format, which scrolls page content down as it expands.

"Advertisers have in fact seen a boost in user engagement with the use of the Pushdown unit," says Hector Pantazopoulos, vice president of business development and co-founder of SourceKnowledge. Pushdown ads on its network have seen a 64.2% completion rate, he added.

"A recent study shows that users are 164% more likely to engage with a Pushdown than with a regular banner," he noted.