Beeb stars with Zodiak rights

Joseph O'Halloran | 03-10-2012

German production company I&U TV Production has been commissioned by BBC One for Zodiak Rights to make The Brightest Briton for production company RDF Television.

Slotted for an early 2013 broadcast, the format sees a jury visit towns and cities across the UK to select performers who will act in front of a live studio audience, battling for the title and a large cash prize.

I&U Information und Unterhaltung TV Produktion GmbH & Co.KG produces primetime entertainment, weekly magazine shows, reports and docu-soaps. More than 120 brand new shows by I&U are broadcast each year on the major German TV stations. The company has around 136 employees.

This format acquisition deal from I&U TV Production followed Zodiak Rights’ acquisition of I&U’s format You’ve Got to be Kidding Me in 2011, which launched in Germany and resulted in two subsequent re commissions. Zodiak Rights owns worldwide rights (excluding Germany) to Nation’s Brightest.

Commenting on the deal, Paul Martin, Vice President of Entertainment, Zodiak Rights said:

“At a time when many broadcasters are looking beyond formulaic talent shows we feel Nation’s Brightest is a fantastic format that appeals across all age groups and to all walks of life. It is, at its heart, a show that anyone can participate in and anyone can enjoy as a viewer. We are sure that the BBC version will enjoy the same success as the original German show and we look forward to further international versions.”