Panasonic adds embedded 3D app to VIERA connected TVs

Michelle Clancy | 04-10-2012

TV-maker Panasonic has added the 3D channel known as 3doo as a dedicated application on the consumer electronics manufacturer's newest line of VIERA 3D connected televisions in consumer markets in the United States and Canada.

3doo will live as a dedicated app alongside Panasonic's other premium entertainment services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu.

Today's announcement follows the March launch of 3doo as a pre-installed app on Panasonic's European line of VIERA 3D televisions.

"Panasonic's decision to launch 3doo on its U.S. & Canada smart TVs and deliver high-quality 3D content to millions of television viewers marks an extraordinary next step in our company's growth model," said Michael Stougiannos, CEO of 3doo, in a statement. "With the push of just one button, 3doo will quickly and easily connect Panasonic's American and Canadian television consumers to eye-popping and ever-expanding 3D content."

3doo's media platform integrates a range of professional and personal 3D content, including premium Hollywood studio movie trailers, artistic and short 3D films. It is also creating "my3doo" 3D social networking, to allow users to share their content and social networking activities in 3D worldwide, available in beta to Panasonic's VIERA television consumers.

Going forward, 3doo said that it is positioning to enter major markets in China and India.