Rentrak, Trendrr.TV launch Hispanic social media and 'stickiness' indices

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 05-10-2012

Multiscreen media measurement company Rentrak Corp. and Trendrr.TV have launched both the Hispanic Programming Stickiness Index and Social Media Index.

"Rentrak and Trendrr.TV partnered on this project to better serve the Hispanic television media landscape," said Bruce Goerlich, chief research officer at Rentrak. "As the Hispanic population continues its double-digit growth, the television industry has responded by launching more and more networks and programming targeted to this key demographic. Advertisers and agencies want to better understand TV viewing engagement and Rentrak and Trendrr.TV are serving that need."

The Stickiness Index lists the top-30 primetime programs based on level of viewer engagement as determined by how much the average percentage viewed of the program varies from an average of all programs of the same duration during Monday-Saturday primetime (8pm-11pm) and Sunday primetime (7pm-11pm). The Social Media Index combines Rentrak's leading TV Essentials system with Trendrr.TV's social response analytics to show how Hispanic television programming triggers reactions through social media, which can affect audience visibility and engagement.

"The Hispanic marketplace has embraced simultaneous and complementary experiences as their attention across different devices and services increases exponentially," said Trendrr CEO and Founder Mark Ghuneim. "Understanding how programming is resonating and identifying ways that new user behaviors inform and grow their business is why are excited to partner with Rentrak on the Stickiness Index."

Programmes with the most engaged viewers will have a higher Stickiness Index rating number, indicating that more of the audience is tuned-in for the duration of the program. Similarly, programs that generate the most social media comments will have a higher Social Media Index rating. The Social Media Index covers a range from 0 to many thousands; its value indicates the amount of social media "chatter" that a given TV show is generating among all the shows that were discussed via social media. An index of 100 means that the show is generating an average amount of discussion, and because the amount of social media discussion varies widely, the Social Media Index ranking numbers can go up to many thousands.