Film Four & Film Four +1: 05-10-2012.

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11:00The Fighting Kentuckian[SUB BW]French settlers are granted asylum in America in the aftermath of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo and a Kentucky rifleman finds himself falling for one of the newcomers - a general's daughter. However, he faces a rival for her affections in the form of a ruthless landowner who plans to steal the terrritory her fellow exiles have settled on. George Waggner's Western, starring John Wayne, Vera Hruba Ralston, Philip Dorn and Oliver HardyFilm/Western

13:00Stalag 17[BW HD]The inmates of a German PoW camp are convinced there is a traitor in their midst when the guards seem to be forewarned of their escape attempts. An unassuming sergeant content to remain a captive until the end of the conflict becomes the focus of suspicion as mob mentality takes hold. Billy Wilder's satirical Second World War drama, starring an Oscar-winning William Holden, with Don Taylor, Otto Preminger and Harvey LembeckFilm/War

15:25Quo Vadis[SUB HD]A brave Roman soldier returns to his home city after three years on campaign. He falls in love with a captive Christian woman whom the depraved and insane Emperor Nero has given to him as a reward for his service. However, as the emperor's reign becomes ever more unstable, both their lives are placed in danger. Historical epic, starring Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Peter Ustinov, Finlay Currie and Leo GennFilm/General Movie/Drama

18:40The Day The Earth Stood Still[SUB AD HD]An alien arrives on Earth, accompanied by an awesomely powerful robot, on a fateful mission - to decide if the human race deserves to continue existing - and if not, to wipe it out. The visitor is imprisoned in a military facility, but a scientist helps him escape, hoping to prove that mankind is worth saving. Sci-fi drama remake, starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer ConnellyFilm/Science Fiction

21:00Definitely, Maybe[SUB AD HD]A New York advertising executive on the eve of his divorce tells his daughter about his love life before he was married, including how he met her mother. However, he changes the names of his former lovers, leaving the girl - and viewers - to guess which one of three women he ended up marrying. Romantic comedy, starring Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and Isla FisherFilm/Comedy

23:10Babylon AD[SUB HD]A mercenary in a post-apocalyptic future accepts a job escorting a mysterious girl and the nun protecting her from Russia to New York. Along the way, she exhibits strange powers that could hold the key to mankind's salvation - but various factions are plotting to put her gifts to their own use. Sci-fi adventure, starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Melanie Thierry, Gerard Depardieu and Charlotte RamplingFilm/Science Fiction/Adventure

00:55Lemming[HD]An engineer has several awkward encounters with his boss's strange and bitter wife, who goes on to seduce and then urge him to murder her husband. When she subsequently commits suicide in his flat, his girlfriend starts to mimic the dead woman's personality. Mystery drama, starring Laurent Lucas, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling. In FrenchFilm/General Movie/Drama/Mystery