Spanish international audiovisual sales up 18.7%

Iñaki Ferreras | 05-10-2012

Beleaguered the domestic economy may be but according to the annual report of the Federation of Audiovisual Producers Associations of Spain (FAPAE), international sales of Spain’s audiovisual production rose 18.7% in 2011.

This represented a total of €83.07 million in audiovisual exports, split 49.7% film and TV 50.1%. In relation to the territories, the main destination of Spanish content remains Western Europe (40%), followed by Latin America (21%), Central and Eastern Europe (18%) and the United States and Canada (12%), according the annual report.

Mar Luque, managing director of Finding4you commented: “During the past year, we have added to the catalogue of potential projects that are attracting the interest of big international chains and producers. Of the seven projects selected Spanish Cartoon Forum, three of them are represented by us.”