LG looks to Disney to spark 3D TV uptake in Smart TVs

Editor | 05-10-2012

3D needs any boost it can right now and the latest firms to attempt to kick start sales is LG Electronics who is to add Walt Disney Studios 3D films for rental on the "3D World" application on its Smart TVs.

Under the terms of the deal, Disney will supply 3D content including the "Toy Story" trilogy and "Alice in Wonderland," among many others. Additional 3D titles scheduled for imminent release include "Marvel's The Avengers," and Disney-Pixar's "Brave".

LG says that the addition of House of Mouse content to its Smart TV platform addresses what it boldly claims as a “desire” for more 3D programming. To give potential viewers a chance to experience this new 3D content, LG is offering a $50 redeemable coupon to new Smart TV buyers from www.lg.com/3Dworld its 3D portal which contains in addition to the rental content more than 300 free 3D videos from multiple categories like sports, kids and documentaries.

"Providing consumers with the latest blockbuster hits from Disney is another boost for Smart TV in the home and a perfect fit for our family approach to enjoying our home entertainment products," suggested James Fishler, senior vice president, marketing and go-to-market operations, LG Electronics USA.

"Having these titles available through our Smart TV platform and on our CINEMA 3D HDTVs speaks volumes about LG's commitment to continuously broadening the breadth of our offerings and partnerships so that consumers of all ages have access to an endless amount of entertainment, from online games to applications, broadcast and now Disney movie titles.”