Kaon 570 HW12-C1-A5 - EMU 5.8.153 - SW02-00-06 - CA 228,1 (firm BIN)

For me, this one is best the f!rm until now produced.
Rapid, finely with color and spectacular contrast and very intuitive.
It is f!rm BTM, which I transferred it from the w*w, s*sli*e.net/for*m.
I modified it for BIN, therefore only thus was allowed to me to modify the k*ys, to add others and only thus it is possible to install it with KUP. Currently functions to 1000% with:
Kaka, D +, T*P*$ (until the 29/9/2006), Absat, SRG, SPOKE (I join, due and tre) ORF, Easy TV, MTV Networks, Mediapark and Multicanal.

It has Fixed CW

1st - To keep list of channels with (ex.) Channel Editor II
2nd - To install
3rd - Load default (yellow, blue, green, menu, yellow and ok)
4th - To disconnect button behind
5th - To bind
6th - To make Channel Unlocked and others setings.
7th - To charge list of channels.
8th - To give sign to the satellites (to configure disec)
9th - Burrow on floor, 10 stars.

Please, you say of your justice.