Streaming video takes off for smartphone users

Joseph O'Halloran | 06-10-2012

Reinforcing the view that spending on digital entertainment content is growing steadily, research from Futuresource Consulting and the MHL Consortium has shown that 30% of UK smartphone owners stream video to their mobile phones.
This represents 13 million UK smartphone owners who stream video to their devices out of a total of over 35 million smartphones in use in the UK at the end of 2011. In addition, the analyst found that by 2016 there will be nearly 20 million tablets in use in the UK.
"Mobile video usage continues to accelerate and this is where MHL technology and its capabilities make a difference," revealed Judy Chen, president of MHL.
"Consumers want to connect their home, portable and mobile CE devices together now more than ever before, providing content companies, service providers and hardware vendors with new revenue opportunities. With the increase in accessibility to content and the advent of next-generation LTE network speeds, MHL technology can be a true enabler and differentiator for both device platforms and content and service providers."
"The explosion of device uptake, both now and in the future, will be a key driver in the growth of digital content consumption, providing consumers with a whole choice of access points," added David Sidebottom, senior market analyst - content, Futuresource Consulting.
"This, combined with increased content availability and who and how the consumer shares these experiences, will define the content everywhere movement."