French HD DTT channels received by 25% of the population at launch

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 06-10-2012

Next December 12th, the six new HD DTT channels launched in France will be received by 25% of the French metropolitan population at first from the rake antenna.
They will also be accessible through satellite, IPTV or cable on the whole territory. The DTT coverage will be progressively extended until mid-2015.
Starting on multiplexes R7 and R8, the channels will comprise HD1, l’Equipe HD, 6Ter, Tvous la télédiversité, RMC Découverte and Chérie HD. They will enrich the HD programming offer, according to French TV regulator CSA comments.
"It’s a very important step towards the generalisation of HD DTT that will now offer 11 HD channels," the regulator added.
In the future, the new HD DTT channels will cover as much territory as the regular DTT channels.