Hi Kids!
here I tried to do some kind of Testing of LNBs - I hope it Helps
Proper testing would mean showing Spectrum analyser graphics, but I do not want to make the things overcompicated

Initial Discussion took a place elsewhere, but I decided to publish it here as well

X test LNB was old Titanium 0.1 ( I think)
my Location - London
My target to get Xtra TV from Amos
Dish td 110 - Dark Grey Colour (I suspect it is clone from turkey, Because Triax is not producing TD range dishes for the few years)

Tester sm-2500

some of tested LNB's are twin, single and some Quad. Because for me to buy all quad just for the testing would be too expensive, but I will give you the prices for all as for quad just to compare price to value
besides just for fun I decided to test one more LNB. ROSS 0.3db single - the ones what are coming with ROSS "freesat" box from B&Q, this LNB supposed to crap and it's price is next to nothing

But when I finished testing it was not so funny any more.

here are some test results from Amos

price 10722H 11572H 11222H

MTI high line AK54-XT2N 39£ snr 77/agc 53 snr 73/agc 37 no lock
INVACOM 031 0.3db 39£ snr 65/agc 49 snr 62/agc 35 no lock
Inverto ULTRA 0.2db 23£ snr 71/agc 51 snr 69/agc 32 no lock
Inverto Black Pro C120 +feedh. 28+17=45£ snr 71/agc 51 snr 69/agc 25 no lock
TM Gold 0.1db 20£ snr 70/agc 45 snr 68/agc 32 no lock
snr 71/agc 51 snr 72/agc 36 no lock
ROSS 0.3db
snr 73/agc 48 snr 70/agc 29 no lock

1 First Place takes MTI 0.2 dB 70dB HIGH LINE AK54-XT2N


• Sehr ausgeglichenes Signalverhalten über den kompletten Frequenzbereich
• Übertragungsart: alle analogen und digitalen Formate einschliesslich HDTV

• Extrem geringes Phasenrauschen auf allen Oszillatorfrequenzen
• Nahezu lineares Rauschmass über die gesamte Bandbreite
• Ausgangsfrequenz MHz: Low 950 - 1950 High 1100 - 2150
• Eingangsfrequenz GHz: Low 10,7- 11,7 High 11,7 - 12,75
• Oszillatorrauschen bei 10000 Hz: -80 dBc / Hz max
• Reflektortyp: Parabol oder Parabol Offset Antenne
• Sehr hohe Kreuzpolarisation Entkopplung: > 25dB
• Oszillatorrauschen bei 1000 Hz: -55 dBc / Hz max.
• Anschlussoptionen: 1x digital oder 1x analog
• Sehr hohe Oszillatorstabilität: +/- 1MHz max.
• Oszillatorfrequenz GHz: Low 9,75 High 10,6
• Horizontale Polarisation: 16 - 19 VDC
• Vertikale Polarisation: 11,5 - 14 VDC
• Betriebstemperatur: -40 ~ + 60° C
• Vollständig Full HDTV kompatibel

• Verstärkerleistung: 68 dB - 72 dB
• Feedhorndurchmesser: 40 mm

• Bandumschaltung: 0 - 22 KHz
• Sehr hohe Frequenzstabilität
• Anschlussart über F-Buchse
• Vollständig 3 D kompatibel

• Ausziehbarer Wetterschutz
• Stromaufnahme: 100 mA
• Rauschmaß: 0,2 dB typ.

Price for this LNB is expensive because it's difficult to get in UK and I had to ship it from Abroad
it makes sense to buy it only if you want to have most out of your dish. It is almost twice more expensive then Ultra


It is a bit behind of MTI but not too much.... Price for it is 23- and it is a most reasonable buy

3 - I can not put any of remaining LNBs into the third place because performance is very Close

* Price for quad invacom would be arond 39..... Do not buy this LNB! It just makes no sense to buy such an average performer for that price. This LNB was top performer donkey ages ago, I even can not remember the year it was designed. After that I can not know any new LNB from Invacom for domestic use. This LNB is obsolete.

* It is quite difficult to judge performance of INVERTO BLACK PRO C120 TWIN with Gibertini C120. Because it could give a better result with different feed horn or on Gibertini Dish, but I will test it later when I have it.
For time being it just makes no Sense to buy it on TD 110

*One of worst performers is TECHNOMATE TM-4 HIGH-GAIN GOLD 0.1dB QUAD
Even cheap ROSS 0.3 LNB gives Better results on some frequencies.

Let's try to find out why:
Most of Satellite brands for the Domestic use is nothing else then Chinese Re branded OEM !!!

even if to take most serious Brands :
TM, Alsat, octagon, opticum, Icecrypt,etc

none of these companies have a research facilities and never came up with any patented technology for the sat reception.
For now where the hell on earth they came up 0.1db noise ratio? When Companies delivering sat products for the commercial use have a quite moderate 0.2, 0,3db?
The Answer is quite obvious they simply lie about their specs.... Nobody have a means to check it anyway unless you have a university equipment
All the Brands like - mega sat, hyper sat, super sat etc are the same.... most of those brands even do not exist as a company.
this is one of reasons why the same model LNB but from different pallet - may perform different. It is cheap Chinese OEM without proper quality control
it is really funny how some companies trying to sell their producs :

* Gold plated connectors! - makes no sense, because to make any improvement in signal loss you need to have gold coaxical cable, gold diseq switch and gold tuner

* HD, 3D compatible! - Any universal LNB is HD, 3D compatible.

As a verdict for the most people any cheap LNB will do the job and you will not feel ANY DIFFERENCE.

Just do not let for the rip off artists to fool you!
And if you want a better signal getting a bigger dish gives you times more better signal then getting best LNB in the world

testing will continue on Gibertiny 1.25 dish and after that with modified feed horns