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Thread: Hi there!

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    Hi there!

    Hi !

    Aquired a Technomate TM6900 Combo Super recently and have been setting it up to a 1 metre Technomate Dish with an Alsat Dark motor !
    Not that easy! Have a clear view of most Sats and have suceeded in setting to the point that I get 90% signal at 0.8 W Thor and even 82% at
    Hispasat 30 W Infact all sats west side seem good ! East side not so good ! I get 56 % at 19.2 E Astra ! but after that and including the big one 28.2 E Astra I get nothing right the way through to 42 E Turksat ! I'm using USALS with the Dark Motor which is accurate on all Sats !
    More adjustment needed but where ?
    Have also managed to update to the latest offical Firmware ! what are the benefits of installing the latest Phantom Firmware nowadays?
    Tried updating the channel list using a file from this site! namely "TM6900HD Combo Super+ Ch List August 16 2012 by William-1.CNDF"
    But TM Loader rejects it saying "Incompatible Model??"

    Alot of questions first post but excuse me I'm on a learning curve!

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    Re: Hi there!


    this isn't the right place to ask a question... You can use this way

    It seems your motor support is not strictly vertical. Plumb line or laser

    A motorized dish is not the best way to start...

    Usually you've to set the motor at 0 & the top of the dish need to be equal to the bottom. Plumb line or laser

    Attachment 239925First of all put the motor on 0.0 (normally an arrow ) with your usals & verify that arrow is wright

    Dismount the motor & verify the righteousness mast on direction 0.0 & 90 (adjust it with slices).

    Use a compass to put the motor on the good direction.

    Mount the dish on the motor & keep the same direction.

    Verify the righteousness of the top & bottom of the dish.

    At this moment you must use only the motor/mast fixation to point 0.8 just to get a signal'don't try to get the best now or use only usual.
    Use usals to point on 13.2 and normally you can have a good signal. Use usals step by step to get the best level & rate the usals indicator.If 13.6 then your 0.0 pointing is wrong so rectify it for 0.4

    When these steps are OK you can set the elevation carefully but usually useless.
    Prefer to verify before loosen nut by forcing slowly the top of the dish & rate if you need to go up or down for the best signal.

    Try on different sat East/west & rate all up/down forcing for each one. Analyse all you notes and decide wich one is more important for you.

    Sometime to get the best signal on west you must distroy signal on east

    Don't worry about the 100 % it's not really possible & you can verify the signal with the rain & clouds. If it freeze then weather is too bad or signal poor.

    Hope this will help you & other.

    Considere 80% as good, 90% as best & 100 as fabulous but irreal on every sat/ transponder


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