Brightcove: "Television will become an app"
Jörn Krieger | 08-10-2012

Apple will not focus on the creation of its own TV set in its television strategy, and the iPad will be its “Trojan horse in the living room," argues Brightcove chief Jeremy Allaire.

Talking to told German news magazine "Focus ", the head of US web video service provider is convinced: "Television will become an app." Instead of focussing on the integration of Apple software into new TV sets, the company would connect the iPad and iPhone to existing TV sets.

Apple is already selling the required technology, but describes it as a "hobby": a palm-sized little black box named Apple TV which is hooked up to the TV set through a cable and connected to the iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi.

Apple TV still only offers limited functions. However, expert Allaire expects that the device can be controlled using gesture and voice commands from 2013. A new TV app world would emerge via internet which would be so attractive that traditional TV channels would transfer to it. If this is achieved, then the Apple universe would develop an even stronger appeal.

The speculation surrounding Apple's TV future was prompted through a passage in Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography. The deceased Apple chief disclosed in it that he would be in the process of developing a TV set. It would feature easy navigation and not require complicated remote controls for DVD player and cable channels.