China Telecom, China Unicom to purchase 6.2m IPTV terminals

Louise Duffy | 08-10-2012

China's two main fixed-line broadband carriers, China Telecom and China Unicom, are preparing to move into the television market, as both have put out tenders for the centralised procurement of IPTV terminals.

The two operators are expected to purchase a total of 6.2 million IPTV terminals as part of their drive to install their IPTV service in millions of Chinese homes.

According to the bidding invitation issued by China Unicom, there will be 1.34 million set top boxes (STB) to be procured, including 677,000 ones of standard definition and 659,000 of high definition.

In August, China Telecom launched the 2012 bidding for IPTV terminal devices in the hope of procuring about 4.86 million smart, high definition and standard definition STBs.