DramaFever expands its Latin America focus

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 09-10-2012

Content aggregator DramaFever, which offers a licenced collection of Spanish-language primetime TV and telenovelas available online for free for Americans and Canadians, said that is rolling out new Spanish-language shows, a new bilingual player with built-in social features and a new integrated site, dubbed En Espanol. It also said that it has signed deals with TV networks and producers in Argentina and Spain, as well as with iTunes and Netflix, for worldwide distribution.

DramaFever.com is perhaps best known for its Asian content, and offers TV dramas, action, comedies and music shows from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Singapore. Hulu, and now Netflix and iTunes customers also have access to DramaFever's curated selections of popular South Korean dramas. After one week in the U.S. iTunes store, two Korean romantic comedies, Boys Over Flowers and Heartstrings, broke the iTunes Top 200.

Now, it is adding yet more Spanish language fare. For instance, ABC recently announced it will remake Argentina's Mujeres Asesinas with Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, and DramaFever will be streaming the original series.

"We believe the shows from Argentina and Spain will authentically connect with surprisingly broad audiences, just as Korean dramas have, proving that we're creating new audiences and higher revenues for our partners and more meaningful marketing opportunities for advertisers," said co-founder Suk Park.

The new bilingual player and enhanced site automatically detects a viewer's region and has features to predict language preference, target ads and limit videos to only those outside of a content partner's existing market.

DramaFever reports more than 3 million monthly streaming users, who on average watch over three hours of videos each month. More than 85% of DramaFever's U.S. consumers watching Asian series are of non-Asian descent.

DramaFever is available for free on the web at www.dramafever.com and on Apple iOS devices, Android, Google TV and Roku. Premium subscribers can watch without ads and free registered subscribers experience less frequent advertisements than unregistered users, plus get additional features and controls.