MIPCOM 2012: SmartJog runs out Cloud4Media for media management and distribution

Editor | 09-10-2012

TDF Media Services subsidiary SmartJog, has launched a new solution for the end-to-end management and delivery of content to connected devices.
Cloud4Media will be a next generation platform for the management and distribution of entertainment industry media acting on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis that centralises the management, storage and delivery of digital media content. Incorporated directly within customer environments, Cloud4Media is designed to streamline workflows and accelerate and simplify exchanges between players in the entertainment industry such as right holders, broadcasters, VOD platforms, IFE and IPTV players.

The new platform is claimed to offer unlimited storage capacity with mirrored data centres in Paris and Los Angeles with an express file delivery service (server to server) based on a high-performance network infrastructure. A Bolt Transfer Manager capability acts as a file exchange service designed to allow users to send content to all entertainment industry players, regardless of their technical background or physical location. Forthcoming features will include professional transcoding tools, metadata processing and an automatic quality check system.
"With the multiplication of media platforms—computers, tablets, smartphones, connected TVs—our customers are looking for increasingly flexible, efficient and secure global solutions to manage their content. For these reasons, we are proud to propose today, highly competitive offers to meet customer needs in terms of time constraints, file formats and geographical locations" commented Jean-Sébastien Petit, CEO of SmartJog.