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Thread: If there is no new file for Humanace?

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    If there is no new file for Humanace?

    Then we will have to sell the humanace and get Neosat 1600+ (Startreck 550 D). its software comes very soon. And I hate the Huamanace. It does not open the TPS channels as well as the Multi cas is also useless.
    If is there any expert can edite the software of humanace which can open the tps.

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    Re: If there is no new file for Humanace?

    Dear A Khan
    Your desion is good.I always inform the persons who have Humanace sky ci 2003 that this receiver is a bougs one and through it to the ashes.The sky cropt came is not working a bougs came Zita is working good for sex view chanal.Always bougs compines sell bougs receivers like Humanace,never purchase the receiver of Mataware company.
    Benish Khan

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