Without rancour or fanfare, DirecTV, CBS renew carriage agreement

Michelle Clancy | 10-10-2012

Lacking the dispute-ridden flavour of other reransmission negotiations, DirectTV and CBS have renewed their content carriage agreements with no wars of words and no last-minute black-out avoidance.

The long-term deal covers retransmission consent for CBS owned stations and continued carriage of Showtime, CBS Sports Network and Smithsonian Channel.

CBS took the opportunity to point to the success as evidence that FCC oversight is not needed in retrains. "We are very pleased with these renewals," said Martin Franks, executive vice president for planning, policy and government relations at CBS, in a statement. "DirecTV clearly recognises the value our stations and our cable channels bring to the audiences we share, and we have once again demonstrated how two great companies can come together to forge mutually beneficial free market agreements."

That was echoed by the satellite carrier. "This is great news for our customers, who will continue to enjoy CBS and Showtime quality content for many years to come," said Derek Chang, executive vice president of content strategy and development, DirecTV. "CBS and DirecTV both recognize the interests of our customers are best served when we can privately work together as true programming partners and responsibly work out an agreement that is fair for everyone."

Financial terms were not disclosed.