BBC endorses UltraViolet with first UK DVD titles

Editor | 10-10-2012

The UltraViolet (UV) digital locker project has received a huge boost after BBC Worldwide has confirmed that it will be releasing its first UV-enabled DVD and Blu-Ray titles in the UK in time for Christmas 2012.

The UV-enabled titles will comprise Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1; John Bishop’s new stand up title Rollercoaster; the new Top Gear special commission; and Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild, a retrospective on Sir David Attenborough’s sixty years in natural history broadcasting. Both the DVD and Blu-ray for each title will be UV-enabled.

The UV project is designed to improve the DVD proposition by allowing a user to save a digital copy in the cloud of a movie he or she has purchased, then be able to access it via compatible devices, such as connected TVs, set-tops, smartphones and tablets. For its part the BBC says that UV technology will give purchasers of its commercial arm’s DVDs the additional right to a free digital copy of the programme or show which can be redeemed and subsequently accessed via connected devices. Streaming and download access are supported to enable both online and offline viewing.

For its initial slate of UV-enabled titles, BBC Worldwide has teamed up with content delivery partner Flixster which will also act as the supporting site for consumers to redeem the digital copy of their purchases.

Commented Claude London, Digital Director for BBC Worldwide Consumer Products: “We’re thrilled to be announcing our first UV-enabled DVDs and embrace this new era for home video - the UltraViolet era. We hope UV will empower consumers to build digital entertainment libraries and continue to enjoy BBC Worldwide releases either at home or on the move. We will continue to work as part of the UV consortium and with our supporting partner Flixster on further releases for early 2013”.