MIPCOM 2012: teamWorx, EOS/Beta team on Hitler TV biopic

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 11-10-2012

Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto, the managing directors of teamWorx Fernsehen & Film and EOS/Beta Film have announced an eight episode series based on the biography “Hitler’s First War” by the historian Thomas Weber.

The series begins with World War I in 1914 and ends with Hitler’s death in 1945. Author and director is Niki Stein, whose latest film Rommel was also produced by teamWorx, with co-author Hark Bohm. As with the Rommel production, the entire project will analytically reproduce the latest state of historical research.

Both companies had already worked on almost 30 programs over twelve years including Dresden, Storm Tide!, Operation Valkyrie, Hindenburg and The Tower.

Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto also announced two other historical serial projects: Berlin Kurfürstendamm that depicts the story of three young women in Berlin’s tumultuous 1950s and The Doctors. This latter project plays out in the late 19th century in the world-famous Charité Clinic in the centre of Berlin.