Former FremantleMedia Asia CEO launches formats distribution company

Louise Duffy | 11-10-2012

Veteran television executive and former FremantleMedia Asia CEO Patrick Schult has announced the launch of his next business venture, Media-Stable.

Based in Singapore, Media-Stable will distribute Japanese formats and television programming, as well as develop and distribute original content custom-tailored for the Asian market.

In the company's first move, Media-Stable has formed a capital alliance with Japanese entertainment production company, BIG FACE. Originally founded as a television production company, BIG FACE has expanded to industries including web development and apparel, and is a Japanese pioneer of cross-media content. Programming includes a variety of prime time series, documentaries, sports and specials. Among the key BIG FACE properties Media-Stable is handling is the Japanese game show NumerOn.

Schult said: "BIG FACE expands the conventional realm of media, creating synergy between vast arrays of media platforms. Its television series Numer0n is a model case. While this show is being broadcast on Fuji Television, the brand is being developed as an international programme format with Asia as its beach head, and it extends to a self-developed smartphone app boasting a maximum second position in the App Store free app ranking."

Shingo Ishiyama, head of production and board director for BIG FACE, will extend his role and jointly serve on the Media-Stable board. Ishiyama previously worked with Schult as FremantleMedia Japanís executive representative and has a background in connecting Japanese formats and content to the global marketplace.

The new partnership will geographically extend the scope of business for BIG FACE in the areas of television production, rights licence management, smartphone app development/distribution, web development and event management.

"Since television is not the dominant force it once was, the world is now calling for diverse and multifaceted business methods. BIG FACE has been the pioneer of such cross-media distribution and is the ideal partner for my next business venture," Schult added.