Shemaroo helps to preserve Bollywood with Snell Archangel

Louise Duffy | 11-10-2012

Indian cinema and Bollywood content owner and distributor Shemaroo Entertainment is using Snell's Archangel Ph.C-HD real-time SD and HD video restoration system to deliver restoration projects for use across multiple formats, including HD and Blu-ray.

Hemant Karani, vice president, Shemaroo Studio, said: "In India as in other countries, many movies — especially older titles — are in danger of being lost due to poor storage conditions, neglect, and degradation from the aging process. State-of-the-art digital film restoration solutions such as Archangel are giving these films a new lease on life.

"Archangel has enabled us to capitalise on emerging opportunities for digital restoration services and do our part to preserve our cinematic heritage. With Archangel, we have a powerful yet cost-effective means of repairing damaged films and presenting a new, pristine sequence of images that can be delivered in any medium."

Aneri Savla, general manager, Shemaroo Studio, added: "Archangel fits perfectly into our workflow, and its advanced features for correcting flaws such as noise, grain, and dust in real-time guarantee that we can deliver top-quality output, quickly and economically. This makes Archangel a preferred solution for producers of regional content in India, who might not have the resources to invest in frame-by-frame restoration."

Paola Hobson, senior product manager at Snell, said: "As one of India's largest and most successful content houses, Shemaroo Entertainment has made a name for itself as a digital restoration expert. Therefore, Shemaroo's choice of Archangel Ph.C-HD to expand its portfolio of services is strong validation of our advanced motion compensation technology for real-time restorations.

"With Archangel, Shemaroo is able to maximise the amount of restoration that can be completed in a specific timeframe, and at a lower cost than more traditional frame-by-frame restoration processes."