Singapore media companies announce content deals at MIPCOM 2012

Louise Duffy | 11-10-2012

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) has led a delegation of 20 companies to MIPCOM 2012, marking Singapore's 12th expedition to one of the world's largest audiovisual and digital content markets.

A total of 55 programme titles were offered for international sale and distribution at MIPCOM 2012, covering more than 300 hours of factual, drama and animation content.

Compared with MIPCOM 2011, participation rate of Singapore companies has increased 18% this year, including a mix of TV production companies, animation companies and content distribution companies.

Announcements at MIPCOM 2012:

1. M2B announces launch of WOWtv Apps, available on Samsung Smart TVs and Samsung Galaxy devices in 130 countries

M2B has signed a technological partnership with Samsung for both companies to use M2B's WOWtv platform to distribute rich media and entertainment content to over 130 countries worldwide.

M2B will provide rich media and entertainment content for Samsung's 2011 and 2012 Smart TV models and Samsung Galaxy devices. Users will be able to watch a broad range of entertainment content both at home and on the go, by downloading the WOWtv app through Samsung Apps on Samsung Smart TVs and mobile devices.

2. Bomanbridge Media Singapore introduces Angel's Gate, the world's first transmedia business reality format, to Finland

Boutique distribution company Bomanbridge Media Singapore has signed a deal with Finnish production company Intervisio for Angel's Gate, the world's first transmedia business reality format. Leveraging Intervisio's speciality of combining cross-media platforms such as TV, online and mobile communities, Bomanbridge will introduce Angel's Gate to Finland, with production expected to begin in early 2013.

3. Monstrou Studio Singapore announces $5m animation co-production deal with Sweatbox and Televisio de Catalunya

In what is the first international co-production between Singapore and Spanish animation companies, Singapore's Monstrou Studio, award-winning Spanish company Sweatbox and Catalan TV network Televisio de Catalunya will co-produce Nightbreeds, a 26-episode 3D action-adventure cartoon series targeted at children aged 9-12.

The animated series is scheduled to be aired on Televisio de Catalunya (TV3) at the end of 2014, leveraging Monstrou Studio's Vicon Motion Capture system technology facility (MoCap) and Sweatbox's experience from its earlier successes, including the TV animated feature Talma and the Myth of Agartha and the animated feature Chico & Rita.

4. August Media Holdings announces co-production and worldwide distribution agreement for Ella Bella Bingo

Global media group August Media Holdings has concluded an agreement with Kool Produktion (Norway) to co-produce the second series of animated pre-school series Ella Bella Bingo.

In a separate deal, August Media Holdings' newly launched distribution arm August Rights will handle international sales for series 1 and 2 of the show with Kool Produktion responsible for all Scandinavian rights.

August Media Holdings' subsidiary Red Kite Animation will oversee the development and production of the second series of Ella Bella Bingo in Singapore and Edinburgh. The show is being given a new improved look and August Media is expecting to finalise the animation studio in Singapore in the coming weeks.

Targeting 3 to 5 year olds, the 2D flash animated series has been commissioned for Norwegian broadcaster NRK. Due to start production in October 2012, the series is set to launch in winter 2013.

5. Asian Food Channel launches new productions at MIPCOM

36 Ways To Live features chef Emmanuel Stroobant who, inspired by his Belgian heritage and love for healthy and nutritious foods, cooks up 36 recipes that have had an impact on his life - from restaurant-quality dishes to home cuisine.

Back To The Streets is a travelogue hosted by chef Malcolm Goh and Tham Zher Peen as they tap into the trend for authentic street food.

The Boss 2 will showcase American-born Filipino chef Bruce Lim as he whips up his favourite Western dishes, infused with Filipino flavours and influences.

The Big Break is a reality show that travels to six different countries in Asia in search of 12 underprivileged youths, offering them an opportunity to transform their lives through cooking. The aspiring chefs are whisked away to Singapore and put through a series of lessons and challenges with some of the culinary industry's most respected chefs and hospitality professionals.

6. One Animation and Zodiak Kids The Foundation sign memorandum of understanding

The Foundation, Zodiak Kids UK production company, and Singapore-based animation production studio One Animation, announced they will begin development on a three-project slate of children's animated television content beginning late 2012.

Singapore-based One Animation is a content provider and financier specialising in high-end CGI animation for film and television. It has co-produced the Rob The Robot CG-animated series with Canada's Amberwood Entertainment. The series has been sold to over 77 countries, with the second season under production.