Australian free-to-air networks consider joint catch-up TV service

Louise Duffy | 11-10-2012

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, more than 5.2 million Australians accessed video content online in the past six months, which has prompted the nation's free-to-air TV networks to consider a joint online streaming service.

The report said about half of those who plan to watch online content (about 2.8 million Australians) are willing to pay for it, and concluded that catch-up TV is the dominant use of online video.

It also noted that 26% of Australian adult internet users accessed content via three or more devices.

Other highlights include:

43% of Australia’s online adult population (5.2 million) accessed professionally produced online video content (OVC) services in the six months to June 2012.

Full-length television programmes (61% of OVC users) and films (32%) were the most frequently reported content accessed. Adoption of these services has been encouraged by factors such as the increasing amount of programme content made available online, faster internet speeds and more affordable data costs.

Australia’s free-to-air broadcasters are leading the charge to online viewing, providing the opportunity for audiences to catch up on recently-aired television programmes, mostly free of additional access charges. During June 2012, an estimated 11% of online adults used a catch-up TV service.

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