MIPCOM 2012: Orange expands social TV and transmedia products across Europe

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 12-10-2012

As part of its new content aggregator strategy, French operator Orange aims to expand on its Orange TV offering with new transmedia and social TV products.

"Our focus is currently to provide new services to subscribers and drive them towards new usages,” Orange Content Director Serge Laroye explained in Cannes to RapidTV News.

In partnership with Lexis Numérique, Orange’s new transmedia interactive game/series Alt-Minds will be launched on 5 November on the web, smartphones and tablets, and cross Europe in more than 37 countries. This 8-episode real-time adventure will be offered into four languages (English, French, Spanish and German), in Orange Euro territories and beyond. Viewers can play owing to various stages of engagement, or simply watch the 5 hours video, shot in English with US actors.

Alt-Minds is based on a pay-model ranging from €3 the week to 15-20 for the global experience. “This is an experimental version of what social TV could become. We’re targeting young adults in the 18-35 demo and fans of series,” added Orange’s gaming and transmedia head, Jean-François Rodriguez.

In the short term, Alt-Minds project could be exported and an interest from Latin America has already been shown for Orange’s technical platform.

Aiming at making the broadcast and internet worlds converging, Orange, which has a deal with video sharing platform Dailymotion, is also looking forwards expanding OTT and SVOD services in Europe and Africa. “We now offer a full universe of contents and associated services, in which cloud gaming is also a new key element, and want to exploit it across all digital platforms,” Laroye concludes.