MyPhone Austria plans IPTV package

Jörn Krieger | 15-10-2012

Austrian telecommunications provider MyPhone Austria wants to launch an IPTV package in mid-November 2012.
The service will complement the internet, telephone and mobile phone subscription the Salzburg-based company is currently offering.
Access will be through the MyPhone TV box which connects the broadband internet line with the TV set. The basic package will comprise around 200 TV channels. Further channels can be added through additional packages.
The TV box can also be used to record programmes, pause and continue watching them at a later stage. An external hard disc or USB stick is required for this function. Viewers can also access their own music, pictures and videos through the box on their TV set, surf the internet and use apps, for example YouTube, Google Mail or Shoutcast.
With the offering, MyPhone Austria will get into competition with national telco Telekom Austria and its IPTV platform A1 TV.