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Thread: Worst Lnb For The Fringe Reception - Ws International

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    Worst Lnb For The Fringe Reception - Ws International

    Hi Guys!
    One of my teachers used to say " Wise Man is learning from others mistakes, Smart man is learning from his own mistakes and the Fool is not learning anything at all"
    So far I can classify myself only as a smart and I give you opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

    To the point when testing a different LNBs in thread
    I came up with idea to buy and test

    WS international ESX524U Universal LNBF -big mistake

    I send them an email but obviously no reply

    IT supposed to have 0.2db and the best conversion gain I could ever find 70-75db
    BUT The LNB is Sipmly CRAP!
    Even Cheap ROSS LNB from B&Q beats it on every frequency!

    After doing a quick reserch about this "company"

    *website is hosted at it says a lot
    * production Lines are literally shit hole...... just have a look at the pick on their website..... Testing equipment probably dates to early or mid 80's , no automated assembly line and mess everywhere!

    I do not mind for everybody to have their business, but I really hate when somebody trying to rip me off!

    I bought this LNB on from Official reseller of WS International products. it cost me about 20 quid including delivery.
    when I tested this LNB and I saw VERY BAD PEFORMANCE I wrote 2 emails - one email to seller and one to WS international about if item is genuine or not

    Seller replied to me straight way with all the proof for me needed - more then it he offered full refund + postage costs just in case I may be just not happy for any reason.... I really believe in seller honesty.

    From another hand WS International never replied to me ( and they never will)

    to the point - I dismantled LNB and for now I have all the proof about WS International simply lie about theis specs.

    I took all the pictures needed but it is too many of them to publish

    * First I'd like to point just terrible assembly quality - honestly I could do it better in my garage
    * Cheapest components in use (f connectors, Feedhorn)
    * Use of not appropriate Glue ( all I had to do when taking the feed horn cup off just to twist it with bare hands)
    * plus sealant and glue were everywhere with terrible leaks (inside the feed horn as well)
    * Vertical polariser out of align

    you may say it's not too bad - but I will take you a bit futher

    here are the specs for WS international ESX524U supposed to have:

    Input Frequency Range 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
    L.O. Frequency 9750/10600MHz
    L.O. Stability 1 MHz (-40 - +70 c)
    Ouput Frequency Range 950 - 2150 MHz
    Noise .2 dB typical
    Conversion Gain 70-75dB typical
    Input VSWR 2.5:1
    Output VSWR 2.0:1 (max)
    Connector F Type female
    Impedence 75 ohm typical
    Cross Polar Isolation >25dB (min.)
    Image Rejection 45 dB (min.)
    Phase Noise
    -50dBc @ 1 KHz
    -75dBc @ 10 KHz
    -95dBc @ 100KHz
    Supply Voltage
    Ca: 11.5 - 14.0 V = Vertical Polarization
    Cb: 15.5 - 19.0 V = Horizontal Polarization

    Operating Temperature -40 - +70 degrees Celsius
    Storage Temperature -40 - +80 degrees Celsius
    Relative Humidity 0 - 95 %
    Throat Diameter 40mm

    Next step I dismatled LNB
    just guess what converter block is inside?
    it is GKF-2134
    It belongs to GECEN and here are original specs:

    Input Frequency Range
    Low Band:10.70~11.70GHz
    High Band:11.70~12.75GHz
    L.O. Phase Noise
    Output Frequency Range
    Low Band:950~1950MHz
    High Band:1100~2150MHz
    Image Rejection 40dB(Min.)
    Noise Figure Low Band:0.6dB(Typ.)
    High Band:0.6dB(Typ.)
    Output VSWR
    Conversion Gain 60dB(Typ.) Output Power 0dBm (Min.)(at 1dB gain compression)
    Gain Flatness 0.5dB/26MHz Connector Type 75Ω Female Connector
    Cross POL. Isolation 25dB(Typ.) DC Current Consumption 160mA (Typ.)
    L.O. Frequency Low Band:9.75GHz
    High Band:10.60GHz Low/High Band Switching Low Band: 0 Hz
    High Band:22KHz4KHz
    L.O. Frequency Stability 1.0MHz(Max.)@+25C
    2.0MHz(Max.)@-30C~+70C POL. Switching Voltage 10.5~14.0 V @VP
    16.0~20.0 V @HP
    Operating Temperature -30C~+70C

    what we can see with WS International another example of re branding Chinese OEM and just SHAMELESSLY ADDING NEW NON EXISTING SPECS

    I have flu for now but when I feel a bit better and have more time I will upload the picks as well

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    Re: Worst Lnb For The Fringe Reception - Ws International

    I promised to upload some pictures and here they are
    you can see from them terrible quality of WS international LNB
    it is entirely up to you if you want to buy their products, but you will just waste your money

    I will start with the pictures they supplied on their website.... shame pictures really..... they just simply have a clue how a production line supposed too look like.

    on first picture you can see equipment probably dated to mid 80's

    nobody even heard about use of hats and gloves

    it is even difficult to say what is inside this load of crap

    terrible housekeeping, but especially I like the chair

    here I could not align anything because the whole room looks just terrible

    again no gloves and messy load of components

    just try to guess how many times it fells over? :)

    not suitable "soldering station"

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    Re: Worst Lnb For The Fringe Reception - Ws International

    for now I will show you what "great product" they came up with

    size a bit small to even compare to average TM LNB

    somehow too small feedhorn

    I could take the cap of by my bare hands

    Remains of glue ( i don not have laboratory to test, but for me it doesn't look waterproof. on second and third picture you can see a polariser out of align

    cheapest f connectors you can find

    probably it was a vision impaired person who applied the sealant and you can see dents on converter cover as well... Probably it palette with components just fell but they still used it.

    and at last you can see converter from GECEN

    there is no honour in such end

    I tried my best to show you the scam of WS international.......
    really terrible quality.... and the simply lies about specs

    but this is what they write on their website

    The WS International line of C band, Ku band & CKU band LNB and LNBFs are the newest and best developed line of satellite LNB & LNBFs in the world. They have been tested and developed under strict German engineering group's specification & supervision, along with the long experience of WS International's concern of the needs of it's customers built in 1 great performing LNB. We have designed this line to meet the needs of our customers: TV & radio stations, cable operators, & broadcasters, so it ensures the best quality reception and will continue to work excellent in tough weather conditions and climates. The WS International line of LNB and LNBF's are backed by WS International 100% and have been torture tested to withstand punishment. Where all other brands fail, everybody turns to WS International to lead and passes with flying colors.

    Really shame!

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