50+ network RLTV announced redesign

Michelle Clancy | 16-10-2012

RLTV, a cable net in the United States targeting adults 50+, is switching up its brand identity with a new logo, graphics package and color palette for on-air, online and print.

Also included is a new music signature and branded voiceover talent for the network. It also has unveiled at new tagline, Experience Matters, and a core group of 'R' words (redefined, relevant, resonate, redesign and realistic), and imagery that reflects RLTV's mission and target audience aspirations and experiences.

"Our redefined brand, RLTV: Experience Matters, celebrates the extraordinary experiences of this powerful 100 million and growing population of boomers and seniors with television and online content that is relevant to their life stage," said Paul FitzPatrick, RLTV's president and CEO. "They've told us that they very much want a content experience that matters to them, one that is inspiring, informative, engaging and, yes, realistic."

He cited a 2012 Nielsen study on boomers which included a 'Happier with Age' analysis from The Economist magazine, finding that starting at age 50 and into their '80s, Generation 50+ is increasingly happier with age.

"One of our core redesign objectives was to align the RLTV mission with a visual and aural experience that would resonate with the Generation 50+ audience--voice, tone, talent, music and pacing, graphics, colors," added EJ Conlin, senior vice president of marketing and communications at RLTV. "But we also focused on establishing a brand tagline that would succinctly reflect two goals: describe the essence and value of our audience, and invite marketers and distributors to embrace this unique and powerful segment. Indeed their experience does matter, [and] this experienced and discerning consumer group does and will increasingly make a difference to [marketers'] business objectives."

RLTV created its rebranding strategy after conducting consumer research earlier this year evaluating audience and brand attributes and expectations. The network developed the rebrand in conjunction with Agency Five0, an agency of top creative talent that specializes in the 50+ demographic.