Motorola Mobility set to unveil next-gen video ABR transcoder

Michelle Clancy | 16-10-2012

Motorola Mobility plans to introduce the Motorola GT-3 ABR Transcoder at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, a 3-gigapixel ABR transcoder. The Motorola GT-3 uses Motorola's custom video compression algorithms to enable multi-screen HD and SD broadcast from a slim, energy-efficient unit.

Motorola says that it can process up to 3 billion pixels of video content every second, the equivalent to nearly 50 full-resolution HD programs. It supports up to 24 inputs and up to 16 output streams per input program, for flexible support of more video display devices, and it also offers more than 10 times the density of legacy server-based ABR solutions.

"That means the same transcoding capability now fits into a much leaner and more efficient unit, requiring fewer transcoders to meet the demands of today's multi-screen HD and future higher-resolution content applications," said Motorola, in a statement.

"The bottom line is, higher processing performance and greater density equals energy efficiency and cost-savings for service providers," Motorola said. "Consumers expect to get their favorite content—including live HD broadcasts, DVR media and on-demand programming—even when they're not in front of their living-room TV. The Motorola GT-3 lets service providers address this growing demand quickly and in an energy-efficient way, which ultimately means dramatically lower operational costs and a significantly reduced carbon footprint."

First, it enables a broader selection of video data rates and resolutions to match the dynamic bandwidth of unmanaged networks.
And second, its efficiency in video compression can provide higher-quality video using the same amount of bandwidth, or the same video quality at much lower bitrates—a windfall for bandwidth-constrained networks.
For subscribers, these advantages translate to better viewing experiences on TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

"The GT-3 is a leap-frog technology that addresses the future of TV: HD, DVR and on-demand media on multiple devices, wherever consumers want it," said Joe Cozzolino, Motorola Mobility senior vice president and GM of network infrastructure. "It can deliver all the content to all the devices that today's consumers expect, with the transcoding performance to scale to tomorrow's connected ecosystem. The GT-3 is the latest in our portfolio of solutions for the smart, simple connected home and just one more way we're driving the evolution of TV."